Google Aims To Help Victims Who Have Pictures Posted Without Consent

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The internet is a large place, and with it people can read and post a lot of information or content with every little often stopping them or even knowing about it before it’s too late. Google wants to stop people suffering because of this and will soon enact a new policy to help prevent people who have had content published without their permission.

The new policy will come into effect within the next few weeks and will provide a web-based form for people to be able to request the removal of images which they consider distressing. Following the path led by Reddit and Twitter, who already have policies to help users who have had images posted of them which are regarded as explicit and posted without the subject’s consent. Facebook takes a different approach and has a dedicated team to help deal with matters of hate speech or harassment.

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By helping people remove access and potentially even track down and remove images posted of them without their permission the aim is that Google will help the many people who are affected by these actions every year.

Google has stated that they know it won’t be able to solve everything with this, but they do hope that by honoring people’s requests they can help not only the people who are suffering but also prevent more cases and pain arising.

Thank you CNET for the information. 

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