Google Building World’s Fastest Computer Using Quantum Technology

/ 3 years ago


Google have joined forces with researchers at the University of California Santa Barbara to develop “quantum computing” technology. The technology is still highly technical and a lot of it is also theoretical, but the potential for mind-blowing performance is too great to ignore and that is why Google and many other industry giants have been researching quantum technology.

Using qubits to process information rather than the binary systems of ones and zeros that are used by traditional computers, quantum computers should theoretically be faster, to put it into perspective how fast lets look at the world’s current #1, the Tianhe-2 super computer in China. Tianhe-2 can blast through 55 quadrillion calculations a second, if Google pull off their new computer, Tianhe-2’s performance will look like a snails pace.

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The technology has a long way to go, but with Google already having worked with D-Wave on developing a viable quantum computer, they’re easily one of the best equipped to make it a reality.

Thank you CNN for providing us with this information.

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