Google Developer Tool Lets You Release Android Apps on Various Platforms with Ease

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You might not have heard of it, but Google had a so-called App Runtime Chrome for developers to release Android apps on multiple platforms. However, the development app was restricted to just a handful of Google’s most trusted developers up until now.

The previous ARC project allowed Android apps to run on Chrome OS, but now the company has made a new Chrome app packer and released it to all developers, having the ability to now run their Android apps on Windows, Mac and Linux, as well as Chrome OS.


The new development app named ARC Welder looks to be a Chrome app that handles the mobile-to-desktop conversion in just a few clicks using only the app’s APK file. In addition, Google seems to now include Google Play Services along with the app, a service necessary for apps using OAuth2, Google Cloud Messaging, Google+ sign-in and other company services.

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The new ARC does not include all Play Services though, having some apps that require in-app purchasing fail to run or crash. Nevertheless, this looks to be a big step for Google since it now can compete with its Android apps against Microsoft’s unified Windows 10 OS.

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