Google Drive Sheets Receives New Features Including Offline Document Creation

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Microsoft’s Excel is the leading Sheets software out on the market, with a lot of features and ways to create your much-needed sheets that suit your needs. However, Microsoft’s counterpart, Google Sheets, has received a new update with quite a bit of features added to it.

Should you choose to opt-in to the new Sheets, you’ll be able to take advantage of several new features and the new version’s faster performance. Among the highlight feature additions are the ability to create and edit spreadsheets offline. Note that you have to set up offline GDrive access before using the offline spreadsheets though. There is also a Filter Views feature that lets users customize their view of a collaborative workbook without changing the way that same spreadsheet is seen by other users. Plus, there’s now inline access to improved help articles and other tweaks like the ability to assign different colors to sheet tabs.

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The performance improvements are said to be remarkable, especially in areas where the old Sheets would get bogged down scrolling through massive data sets. The new version does it as smoothly and easily as when using Microsoft Excel. Also, the addition of sheet tab colors is said to undoubtedly help you find specific sheets within larger workbooks with the help of the variety of different hues that you can choose from.

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