Google Glitch Leads to Ad-Less Sites, Millions Lost In Ad Revenue

/ 3 years ago


Google encountered an embarrassing glitch Wednesday morning when their ads caused major slowdowns to some big name websites. Twitter users reported sites including the BBC and USA Today displaying the problem.

The glitch appeared to be affecting a service called DoubleClick for Publishers, which provides ads that appear alongside news articles. The error, dubbed by people in tweets as #dfpocalypse  meant some sites had to go without their ads to keep everything running normally. Google issued a statement to CNBC stating “our engineers are already on this, and will be providing an update ASAP.”

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Reports suggested the problem had been resolved after 1 hour and 25 minutes. We can only wonder how much money Google and those websites lost in that brief time.

Source: Mashable

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  • Wayne

    Google seems to be having a lot of problems all over. I’ve been struggling to get better than dial up speeds from the Playstore for more than a week now, it’s a localised problem and they keep telling me they’re “working on it”.

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