Google Improves Security – Adds USB Key Option to Chrome

/ 3 years ago


Concerned about securing your online accounts and preventing unwanted access? Google have improved their online security again this week by adding a physical USB option to their two-step verification process.

Instead of typing in a code, such as the ones that you can have sent to your phone for the second login stage, the new Security Key feature will allow you to insert a USB drive into your computer. Just pop the drive into a USB port when prompted, click Google Chrome when prompted and you’re good to go.

  • Better protection against phishing. Google sends a verification code to your phone when you try to sign in to confirm it’s you. However, sophisticated attackers could set up lookalike sites that ask you to provide your verification codes to them instead of Google. Security Key offers better protection against this kind of attack because it uses cryptography instead of verification codes and automatically works only with the website it’s supposed to work with.
  • No mobile connection or batteries needed. Security Key works without a data connection, and you can carry it wherever you go on a keychain or in your wallet.
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The new system is free of charge for all Google accounts, but you will need to ensure you have a compatible USB device. These can be purchased from a Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) participating vendor.

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