Google Integrates Wallet Service Into Gmail

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Google has certainly been busy of late with a huge flurry of announcements made at its Google I/O press event. The latest feature which caught my eye was the fact Google are integrating their Google Wallet service into Google Mail. Essentially what this will allow is for people to send money to others via their Gmail.

Google is perhaps looking to get competitive with other electronic money sending services such as PayPal. Even PayPal doesn’t allow you to send money attached to an email so what Google is doing is certainly quite unique and innovative.

The new feature allows you to send money to anyone, including those without a Gmail account. You may be worrying about security but Google says it has that all covered with secure encrypted servers, fraud monitoring of transactions and Wallet Purchase Protection covers “eligible unauthorised transactions”.

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If this system works and isn’t abused by email account hackers then I can see this really taking off. Although it is yet another thing that our smartphones can now do, which surely spells disaster if we ever lose it because their is money at stake. However, we should probably have faith that Google will honour its security promise of refunding unauthorised transactions.

What are your thoughts on Google Wallet and Gmail integration?

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  • That’s nice but I don’t want to send money to others, I want others to send money to me.

  • d6bmg

    Awesome addition by Google. I hope it will create a safer wallet system..

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