Google+ introduces a powerful photo editing suite for free

/ 6 years ago

After Google+’s Instragram-like controls added, and the basic photo editing tools, with which Google shares albums with Picasa, meaning any edits will have a mirror effect, the famous search engine turned social network has stepped up its game with a new photo editing suite not only proving to feature powerful tools, but free to use as well.

Accessed from the desktop version by clicking the edit button when you’re in the full-screen light-box view you just select “Creative Kit” to access this palette of new tools for your photo editing pleasure.

Powered by PicNik as well as being Flash-based, ‘iDevice’ users will find themselves left out of the pleasure, but the suite is worth the change to the desktop. From there you will be able to crop and tweak your photos, in which you’ll find another Instagram-like tool in the form of a filter this time. Another interesting feature is the “Sunless Tan” tool, which needs not explanation, it’s exactly what it says it is.

As we’re at the very end of the month of October, the Halloween seasonal toolkit is available, allowing you to transform any photo into a horror show.


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