Google Launches Domain Name Service

/ 3 years ago

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Google has launched its Google Domains service in the US, bringing the company to a brand new market. The service brings a load of competitive extras, with many questioning whether they’ll pose a threat to GoDaddy and other big name domain providers.

Google Domains has been in an invite-only beta since June, but is now open as a public beta to US citizens. It brings some big perks – free private registration (WHOIS masking), free Gmail email forwarding, free domain forwarding and an allowance of up to 100 sub-domains. The service also offers easy Blogger integration, a simple Google-designed domain dashboard and access to a cavalcade of those new domain endings.

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Of course many are wondering whether Google will pose a threat to GoDaddy and other big domain companies. It’s understood that Google will probably attempt to simply the process of buying and using a domain name, especially with its massive online presence. Thanks to that presence, what is certain however, is that it will at least see some degree of success, although it’s not known whether this will become a big business for Google.

Source: 9to5Google

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