New Plug-In for Chrome Might Add Extra Email Protection

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Encrypting emails is one of the best practices to ensure that users’ email correspondence will remain private and secure. This is why Google is working on an end-to-end email encryption web plug-in in order to deliver a simple way to secure user email correspondence.

The task is usually performed by advanced tools such as GnuPG or PGP, but Google is aiming to give everyone just another notch of security compared to what is already offered by traditional email services. Google’s extension goes by the name of “End-To-End” and is designed to be a Chrome extension which helps in decrypting, encrypting, digitally signing and verifying signed emails within the browser with the help of the OpenPGP encryption standard.

After installing the web plug-in, Google states that all further ongoing and incoming emails accessed within the browser will be processed with the help of the extension. This may or may not be required, however users wanting a little more protection between their correspondence could consider the plug-in a satisfactory addition to a more secure email transaction.

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The Google extension is currently in alpha stage, therefore bugs and flaws are likely to be present. People interested in giving the extension a try can visit Google’s Blog for more information on the extension. The company said that it will not release it to the Google Web Store just yet, but it will most probably be available as soon as the major bugs are dealt with and the extension hits at least beta stage.

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