Google Maps returns on the iPhone

/ 5 years ago

After being criticized and later removed the Google Maps app that Apple once removed has now been restored on the iPhone.

The new maps from Google for iOS users will have an easy-to-use interface & the functionality and reliability that Google maps has and what Apple maps app don’t. Thanks to Vector-based images, there will be faster loading times and smoother tilting and rotation in 2D and 3D Views.

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Google seems to be happy about this re-implementation by Apple that they mentioned it on twitter to celebrate the moment.

It was not too long ago the Australian police issued warnings about using Apple maps and their “fix” for Australian users. Since Apple was heavily criticized, they had no choice other than to revert back to Google Maps.

Source: 9 to 5 Mac | VR-Zone

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2 Responses to “Google Maps returns on the iPhone”
  1. Mm says:

    The article is incorrect. Google maps hasn’t been restored and apple weren’t forced to revert back to google maps.

    Apple maps is still there in the stock maps app with iPhone. But a separate google maps app has been approved and released by google.

    Article writer either needs to fact check or learn how to write properly.

    • aruffell says:

      The article doesn’t mention that the apple map software has been ditched, but just that Google maps has been re-implemented onto the platform which is correct.

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