Google Now chosen as Innovation of the Year by Popular Science

/ 5 years ago

I’ve been loving Google Now on my Android 4.1 Jelly Bean-based devices, and it truly is smart. I’m not the only one, and now Popular Science have gone as far as tipping their hat to Google, offering it as the Innovation of the Year.

Google Now finds itself shaking hands with the digital camera, the Large Hadron Collider and is the second Google service to be honored by the award, the first of which was Google Maps. Popular Science editor-in-chief, Jacob Ward, when announcing Google Now as the winner even took a swing at Apple’s voice assistant, Siri:

“Voice interfaces like Siri seem outdated by comparison. With Google Now, you don’t pull the phone out when an idea occurs to you. You pull it out when an idea occurs to it.”

Better yet, we’re only in the baby steps phase of Google Now and it will only get better. Congratulations, Google – and thank you for making Google Now so awesome.

Source: Android Central

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