Google Rumored To Be Looking Into Purchasing Wearable Tech Companies

/ 4 years ago


It seems clear that Google does not want to deal in smartphone manufacturing, as seen in the recent Motorola Mobility sale. Latest news report that Google is planning to use Nest as its gadget hardware team, but a new report says that Google may also be looking at purchasing wearable tech companies.

According to The Information sources, Google is planning such a move, but the report doesn’t mention what companies are on Google’s list. It does state that Google CEO Larry Page is “serious about making a move” though. Despite the news that it is selling Motorola, Google reconfirmed its dedication to wearables and Google Glass during its earnings call, stating that Nest will play a role in the hardware innovation at Google. And, of course the Advanced Technology Projects group from Motorola which was in charge of the very interesting modular phone Project Ara will also be staying with Google.

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There were also rumors that Google is working on a smartwatch in-house (since even Asus is planning to release a smartwatch this year), so it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Google going after a team that has experience with watches, perhaps Pebble since they had a some success with their products (and they also look good). Google has plenty of cash though, so if Larry Page is really “serious”, we likely won’t have to wait long to find out the plan.

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