Google Taking Control Of NASA Airfield and Hangars – Needs Space For Private Jets

/ 4 years ago


Google’s business empire is ever-expanding and their latest acquisition is a bit of a strange one. Working through their subsidiary, Planetary Ventures, Google has entered into an agreement with NASA to acquire and maintain some NASA hangars and an airfield in Mountain View.

Planetary Ventures has begun negotiations with NASA and they will re-skin and protect Hangar One, rehabilitate historic Hangars 2 and 3, build an educational/public use facility and upgrade an existing golf course in the area. Google will also have to maintain the airfield’s operations, a good way of NASA offloading maintenance costs to Google. While the negotiations are still ongoing it seems unlikely there will be any sticking points, at least not financial ones.

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What is Google going to do with an aircraft and eight acres of space you might ask? Well aside from the aforementioned things we aren’t quite sure. No doubt Google’s executives have found a new place to park all their private jets!

Image courtesy of Erik Charlton/Flickr

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