Google to provide 27000 Chromebooks to American schools

/ 6 years ago

Google has been busy with badgering US states into buying its new Chromebooks. Google managed to sign a deal with the states of Iowa, Illinois, and South Carolina to supply in total 27000 Chromebooks (we are not sure what the distribution of Chromebooks per state is but the total is 27000). Rajen Sheth,

Google’s leader of Chromebook work for business and education announced the deal in a speech at the Florida Educational Technology Conference. “We now have hundreds of schools across 41 states that have outfitted at least one classroom with Chromebooks,”

This is quite a significant development for Google, since the launch of the Chromebook a while back its success has been relatively poor and the growth has been almost stagnant. Now Google can continues its push with diversification of its services which will ultimately lead to it being an even greater success than it already is.

Source: C|Net

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