Google to Release it’s Next-Gen Nexus 7 Tablet with a Full HD Display

/ 4 years ago

After the enormous success following the release of the Nexus 7 tablet, Google are said to be debuting their ‘next-generation’ of the popular tablet in May, teaming up with Asus.

Nexus 7

This updated tablet is said to include a 1080p HD display and feature a narrower bezel along with other tweaks. Changes to the operating system are also expected which is said to be a Jelly-Bean based Android OS which is designed to “enhance integration between the hardware and software.” The pricing of this new model is rumored to be similar to the original Nexus 7 at around $199-249 (£126-158) and combined sales of the first and second generation tablets have been projected at 10 million units in 2013.

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  • That’s more like it. Why would I want to buy some iPad and come away knowing iOverpaid when this is much more reasonable.