Google’s Android Wear 2.0 Rumoured for Release Next Month

/ 3 years ago

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It’s been six months since Google released Android Wear to the public – over that time we’ve seen a number of unique and upcoming wearables from all the big mobile manufacturers. But rumours are flying that Mountain View might be bringing out version 2.0 of the OS as early as October 15th. An anonymous source recently tipped Android Police that users can expect to see an over-the-air update pushed out for a handful of Wear devices in the middle of next month.

The publication wasn’t given any solid information of what the update might entail – but Bluetooth headphone support and GPS tracking are the hotly anticipated additions, as well as a number of various bugfixes across the OS. We can hope to see easier tools to create custom watchfaces – as well as a few things we haven’t thought of that Google might have ready up their sleeve. The question left in everyone’s mind is what naming terminology Google will use in order to update and inform both users and developers – or will the update be prominent enough to warrant such at thing at this stage?

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At the current time of writing, not much else has been said on the matter – but we can hope to expect more news about the 2.0 update soon.

Thank you to Android Police for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Droid-Life.

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