Google’s Gmail Performs Magic Tricks, Deletes Random User Emails

/ 4 years ago


We had Google Services down for more than 30 minutes, randomly selected email addresses pasted in the “To” field when searching Gmail on Google’s Search Engine, and now we hear that there are even more problems cropping up on Google’s services, namely Gmail (again).

A recent Gmail bug has been uncovered, as The Verge reports, which results in some users accidentally deleting emails and reporting others as spam when applying the latter actions on other selected emails. Google has made a statement and told that the issue has been present in a software update on just a few platforms.


The iOS application, mobile browsers and the offline version of Gmail experienced the above mentioned issue, although the company giant currently states it has since fixed it. A notice has been sent to user urging them to have a look at their spam/trash folders for misplaced emails. It is currently unclear how many users have been affected by the ‘disappearing act’ issue.

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Things are not looking up for Google, having its error ‘mysteriously’ repaired itself, sending random e-mails when clicking Gmail related links, filling up people’s e-mail addresses with hundreds of empty emails, and now deleting and sending random emails to the bin or respectively marking them as junk.

Thank you The Verge for providing us with this information
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