Gorgeous New Cooling Hardware from Thermaltake

/ 2 years ago

Gorgeous New Cooling Hardware from Thermaltake

Water Cooling is a big focus for Thermaltake, with many of their chassis being LCS, Thermaltake’s own water cooling certification, it makes sense that they would have a comprehensive cooling range to suit your needs.

With a huge range of pumps, blocks, reservoirs and tubing at their disposal, there isn’t a single part of your loop that Thermaltake hasn’t got a part for.


Their range even includes blocks for all the latest graphics cards, and the build quality is second to none, with polished metal, painted and clear finishes that are sure to look awesome in your system.

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Every radiator shape, size and depth you can think of is catered for too.


A full range of barbs in chrome and black, as well as RGB lighting kits and hard tubing kits.


Their new Riing Silent 12 CPU cooler, which we’ll have a review of in a few days time.


And finally, one of their complete package custom loop kits, which includes the GPU block, pump, res, fans, barbs, fluid and more to get you hooked up with water cooling!


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