GPU Shipments Fall 11% in Second Quarter

/ 3 years ago

GPU Shipments

Jon Peddie Research has released a report outlining the declining shipments of GPUs in Q2 2015 which recorded a fairly significant drop of 11%. This figure accounts for discrete cards and APUs integrated into desktop and mobile form-factors. More specifically, dedicated GPUs performed quite poorly with a 16% reduction from the last quarter. According to the research, AMD’s shipments fell by 26% compared to NVIDIA which declined by 16%. Intel fared significantly better but still felt a hefty reduction at 7.4%.


However, there’s no immediate cause for alarm as the data reflects seasonal volume shifts. As a result, consumers could be waiting for the next line of budget GPUs such as the GTX 950 while high-end customers patiently save their money until HBM2 and 14nm products arrive.

Perhaps the most worrying statistic is AMD’s volume sales which reduced by 25.8% in the last quarter. The report says there was a 25% growth in APU volume but 53.3% decline in APU notebook deployment. Similarly, dedicated GPU sales fell by 33.3% whilst notebook GPU sales reported a 9.1% decline. In contrast to this, NVIDIA’s dedicated desktop GPU sales saw a quarterly decline of 12.03%, which indicates better performance during a difficult quarter.

Are you still holding out for the next GPU upgrade?

Thank you GamersNexus for providing us with this information.

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