Grand Theft Auto 5 PC Listings Appear On Amazon, Again!

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Grand Theft Auto 5 is seemingly an inevitability, while there are countless rumours out there about the game, there are also so many amazing facts, as they say, there is no smoke without fire. First of all we’ve seen many retailers such as MVC, Zavvi and Amazon list the game for pre-order on PC in the last few months, as well as mentions of the executable game file in the latest AMD drivers, that even mention effects and DirectX 11 support, features that don’t exsist in the current console offerings.

Now it looks like the hype train continues with listings appearing on Amazon DE and FR. Whith the release date being pegged for March on these pre-orders and us already being so close to February, is it only a matter of time before we hear some official statements?

Next-gen consoles, or should that be “current gen” consoles are still to get the game too and it’s madness to conclude that Rockstar wouldn’t be porting the game to both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as well as PC.

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We really hope this one happens because as it stands, GTA IV is one of the greatest looking PC games ever made, or at least it can be with the seemingly endless array of mods that have been created since its release, now just imagine how good GTA V could look in a few years time once the modding community is done with it on PC! GTA IV came out way back in 2008 on PC, so the release of the new one is loooooooooooong overdue. I’ve already set some cash aside for its release on PC, as I’m personally refusing to play it on the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 despite owning both consoles.

Thank you TweakTown for providing us with this information.

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  1. Pranav Kc says:

    Super hyped!

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