Grand Theft Auto V Mod Aims to Enable Photorealistic Graphics

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It’s pouring with Grand Theft Auto V mods out there, and while not all of them deserve to be praised, some have the potential to change the game’s look and feel in a dramatic way. The GTA V mod that caught my attention recently is currently being developed by a Reddit member named “Toddyftw”, and what makes it stand out among other graphics enhancement mods is the fact that it aims to make the game as photorealistic as possible. While Grand Theft Auto V has some pretty impressive standard graphics, there’s definitely room for some improvement as far as realism is concerned.

The mod is probably based on ENBSeries or Reshade, and judging by the images provided by its developer, it will probably need a powerful rig in order to run properly. The screenshots also reveal a slightly dark look, but that’s probably going to change as the mod nears completion. The grass textures, as well as the water puddles, look considerably more detailed and realistic when compared to their original counterparts, and it appears that the lighting effects also received some attention. It’s hard to tell how the mod will look in its final form right now, but hopefully it won’t be too blurry.

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Have a look at the screenshots below and make sure to let us know what you think about this GTA V mod.

Photorealistic mod gta v (1)

Photorealistic mod gta v (2)

Photorealistic mod gta v (5)

Photorealistic mod gta v (8)

Photorealistic mod gta v (9)

Thank you DSOgaming for providing us with this information.

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    yes, but what about performance penalty???

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    Hulkbuster + snow

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    Is there a list of the recommended hardware?

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