Grand Theft Auto V – Now Includes Dinosaurs

/ 4 years ago

trex gtav

Rockstar just love leaving surprises in their games and Grand Theft Auto V is absolutely no exception to that fact. This time it seems someone has found something truly bizarre, a full size T-Rex roaming the lands!

YouTube user NaveTunes managed to capture the video below which shows a dinosaur walking around in the distance, unfortunately this is just an easter egg and it isn’t possible to fight the T-Rex. Personally I think we should all try over and over to see if we really can get hold of it and perhaps even ride it! Now that would be awesome.

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Grand Theft Auto V no doubt has a lot more secrets to tell us, but this is easily one of the best I’ve seen so far. Now we just need a PC edition of the game so we can start adding custom mods, maybe even more dinosaurs.

Thank you DSO Gaming for providing us with this information.

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