Grand Theft Auto V trailer released

/ 6 years ago

Grand Theft Auto is one of the most popular game series across console and PC and GTA V is certainly going to be the most anticipated game of 2012.  GTA 5 will be set in San Andreas which as users may remember is a real life take on Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas. The trailer particularly focuses on the Los Santos area of San Andreas which gamers may remember from Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. The game looks like it will bring all the features we expect of a GTA game such as fast cards, women and a lot of violence.

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The character from what is seen in the trailer is older than what we have seen before, he is also looking to retire to San Andreas and live the Hollywood dream and from the hints dropped throughout the trailer he has a criminal background which will come back to haunt him continuously throughout the GTA 5 storyline. You can view the trailer for yourself below:


You can also get more information from the RockStar Games website here.

Source: Press Release


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