Graphics Are 60% Of A Video Game Says Crytek

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Whether you care about game graphics or not it is definitely something that you notice when playing a game. How much of a difference that makes probably varies between individuals but Cevat Yerli, chief executive office (CEO) at Crytek, says that the quality of the technical elements of a game, namely the graphics and audio, represent 60% of the overall gaming experience.

It is surely no surprise that Crytek’s CEO takes such a view as the Crysis game series is renowned for its graphical prowess.

Yerli commented “People say that graphics don’t matter, but play Crysis and tell me they don’t matter.”

While graphics cannot substitute intuitive gameplay and a good storyline they are still important.

“Graphics, whether it’s lighting or shadows, puts you in a different emotional context and drives the immersion, and immersion is effectively the number one thing we can use to help you buy into the world.”

Every single title in the Crysis series has had cutting edge graphics although the quality of the storyline is very much debatable. Some Gamers have criticised to Crysis series for lacking substance and just being all about graphics, nothing more than an interactive GPU benchmark, while others have lauded it is a fantastic FPS game which puts excellent graphics to good use.

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Whatever your opinion on Crysis, Cevat Yerli’s statement is certainly controversial. Do you agree that 60% of the game is in the technical aspects?


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3 Responses to “Graphics Are 60% Of A Video Game Says Crytek”
  1. I think 60% is way over doing it, something that looks super shiny doesn’t make it not suck. Imo the functions in the game and story play through length / replay ability are much more important than how detailed something looks. Graphics will make the other stuff come alive if both mechanics and graphics have a balance.

  2. JMHJ says:

    Graphics do matter, but if it really was 60% why have people been playing CS 1,6 for so long, why are there stil many that think Diablo 2 is better than Diablo 3? And thats just a few examples of many old games people stil play… Good graphics are important for a single player imo, but 60% might be a bit much. I was one of the many millions who got really hooked with WoW which never had very good graphics and yet it was probably the game i “immersed” the most into…

  3. Iceman says:

    Cannot beat GTA Vice City no matter what the graphics!

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