GTA V PC Graphics Options Revealed – 4K Requires 6GB of VRAM

/ 2 years ago

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Grand Theft Auto V is just days away now and no doubt many of you are eager to see the game in all its glory. What’s obviously important about the PC version is how capable your graphics hardware is and some new screenshots detail just how far the graphics settings go. Obviously, this is a PC game, so a wide range of options are available, with a whole host of resolutions all the way up to 4K, texture details levels, draw distances, AA, AF, TXAA, particles, population density and a whole lot more.

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What’s interesting, as you can see in the screens below, is how much VRAM “very high” settings require at 4K, if you want to get this game maxed out, you’re going to want 6GB of VRAM and that means many mid to high-end cards simply won’t cut it.





Are you ready for GTA V?

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6 Responses to “GTA V PC Graphics Options Revealed – 4K Requires 6GB of VRAM”
  1. Ryan Airth says:

    Good thing I don’t plan to play at 4k, might downscale to 1080p from 2k though.

  2. Joe O Sullivan says:

    Goddamn! Bring on DX12…

  3. Reni says:

    Refresh rate: 29Hz??

    • michael blochberger says:

      A 4K monitor hooked up via HDMI will only run at 29Hz. If you hook it up via display port, you’ll get the full 60Hz. These screenshots were just to show you what the settings look like.

  4. dufonrafal . says:

    Who the hell use 8x MSAA at 4K? And use Nvidia or AMD thing (depending on your card) for soft shadow, that’s the less demanding on VRAM.

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