GTC 2015 Meets the Lamborghini Aventador

/ 2 years ago

GTC 2015: If you haven’t already checked out our intro to the cars at NVIDIA’s GTC 2015 event, then we invite you to click here to do so. Stemming on from that, we really just wanted this to act more of a gallery for the AMAZING Lamborghini Aventador that was on show, so sit down and check out these gorgeous pictures of this extreme supercar.


As a car with a license plate, we can only assume that this belongs to someone, so maybe it’s part of NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang’s personal collection?

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Powered by a crazy V12 engine, NVIDIA have all bases covered when it comes to the instrument cluster and infotainment system inside the car.


Sadly the car was locked, so this is the best view that we had inside the car, but still pretty impressive to say the least.


And a view from the drivers side.


Another tell-tale sign that this car may belong to a NVIDIA employee?


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