The GTX 1050 is Available From a Huge Range of AIB Partners

/ 7 months ago

GTX 1050

Unlike the previous Pascal launches from NVIDIA, the GTX 1050 will only be sold through add-in-board partners. This means NVIDIA isn’t offering any kind of Founders Edition nor stocking the GTX 1050 on their own website. Honestly, this is a sensible decision because the GTX 1050 has been designed for budget users and unleashing Founders Editions with a price premium doesn’t make a lot of business sense. According to NVIDIA, the GTX 1050 will be available in a number of different forms on launch and you shouldn’t encounter any problems securing your favourite.

As you can see, custom versions from MSI, Gigabyte, Palit, Zotac, Galaxy, EVGA, ASUS, Inno3D and more will be ready and feature a number of interesting designs. The single fan versions are the perfect choice for an HTPC or small-form-factor PC while the two fan models come into play for those requiring additional overclocking headroom. To be fair, I think the single fan option is more than ample given the card’s modest TDP. Whatever the case, I’m pleased to see AIB partners have a comprehensive range being prepared ahead of the launch and it will be interesting to see how the sales figures compare to the GTX 950, GTX 960 and RX 460.

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Are you looking forward to the GTX 1050’s launch?

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