GTX 650Ti specifications detailed

/ 5 years ago

Nvidia have been busy preparing lots of new cards: the GTX 660Ti, GTX 660, GTX 650 and now the GTX 650Ti. If you want to check up on any of the other cards just click on the links below:

The GTX 650Ti is an improved version of the GY 640’s GK106 GPU a.k.a a GT 640 on steroids. This means the GTX 650Ti is in no way related to the GTX 650 which is based off the completely different GK107 GPU. With the GTX 650Ti being better than the GTX 650 and slightly below the GTX 660 we expect its pricing to come in at the £170 price point and will probably provide GTX 560 levels of performance but with the better power consumption and thermals provided by Kepler’s 28nm technology.

  • 28 nm GK106 silicon
  • 960 CUDA cores
  • 192-bit wide GDDR5 memory interface
  • 1 GB and 2 GB memory options
  • Q4-2012 launch

The GTX 650Ti offers a better memory configuration than its GK106 little brother which packs just 1GB of GDDR3 memory over 128bits. The GTX 650Ti is a much better card because of the removal of memory bottlenecks and the fact Nvidia will also be offering 2GB options shows that this card has the punch to compete with AMD’s lowest-end 28nm 2GB card – the HD 7850.

The Q4 launch date is still wide open, we could expect any time from October to December, although we anticipate October as most of Nvidia’s other cards will be released for September.



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