GTX 660 OEM specifications revealed, same as consumer version?

/ 5 years ago

If the GTX 660Ti was still too expensive for you then you’d probably be interested in what the GTX 660 has to offer. The non-Ti GTX 660 is the next card down in the GTX 600 series. Speculation based on Nvidia’s GTX 660 OEM product listing, as seen here, suggests that the GTX 660 will be the fifth card in this generation to be based off a GK104 chip. So far we’ve had the GTX 690, 680, 670 and 660Ti all derived from GK104.

As with a lot of Nvidia OEM products, the final retail version is very similar. The GTX 660 appears to be based on GK104 with 2 SMX units disabled. The CUDA count sits at 1152, with a GPU clock of 823MHz, a GPU boost of 888MHz and a 5.8GHz memory clock. Meaning it has both less CUDA cores than the GTX 660Ti and lower clocks. Overclocking could counter some of the lost performance but the lower CUDA count means it will always be a tad slower than the GTX 660Ti.

The 192 bit bus gives 134 GB/s memory bandwidth and this time 1.5GB and 3GB cards are the options instead of the 2GB and 3GB on the GXT 660Ti. The GeForce GTX 660 retail could be launched some time in September and there is no guarantee that it will match the GTX 660 OEM in any way.


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