Hacker Who Leaked Bush’s Emails To Be Extradited

/ 2 years ago


In this day and age, security and technology are constantly at odds. With the ability to chat with people all over the world with the press of a button, sometimes storing that information can be troublesome. A year and a half ago the U.S. found this out when it was discovered that former president George W Bush’s emails, now it would seem the hacker responsible is to be extradited.

Marcel Lehel Lazăr reportedly broke into the email account of several family members of George W Bush, gaining access to everything from family photos to self-portraits painted by the former president himself. The hack contained emails regarding family matters such as a funeral for his father, former president George H. W. Bush.

Lazăr, a former cab driver, is being charged with cyberstalking, obstruction of justice, aggravated identity theft, wire fraud and unauthorised access to a protected computer. Under Romanian Law, he can be extradited for up to 18 months to face the charges. With a former conviction in 2014 for hacking into accounts of Romanian officials, the past looks to have repeated itself again with his latest act.

With no names mentioned in the case, it lists one of the victims as a “family member of two former US presidents who was the true owner of an AOL account known to the grand jury”. With so few families having two former presidents in their midst, I think it’s safe to say that this case revolves around the Bush family.

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