Half Life 2 Multiplayer Gets The Cyberith Virtualizer VR Treatment

/ 3 years ago


I’m not one for going to the gym, not that I don’t work out, but I just find gyms boring in genera. If they would invest in a pair of Cyberith Virtualizers, a couple of Oculus Rift headsets and a copy of Half-Life 2, I’d be pretty buff and/or dead from exhaustion right about now.

Cyberith Virtualizer is the latest in physical VR hardware, allowing you to stretch your legs, pick up a virtual gun and strap on a VR headset to literally go running around your favorite gaming world. CV has a multiplayer twist, in the video below you can see two people facing off in Half Life 2 with impressive results.

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The company has almost finished it kickstarter campaign, where they’ve raised $335,545 of their $250,000 goal and while I’m not so sure we’ll see them in gyms, we could see them cropping up in arcades and at events pretty soon.

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Image courtesy of IncGamers.

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