What Happens Inside a DSLR Camera at 10,000 fps

/ 3 years ago

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Cameras are really a modern marvel. How they capture such high-resolution images under a host of different conditions is incredible. But quite often their operation is so quick and so small that we don’t see how they do everything at once.

Well now we can, thanks to this great video by YouTube’s ‘Slo Mo Guys’ who slowed down the process of taking a picture, at different shutter speeds, giving us an amazing look at how it all works.

Slow motion video recording is becoming more and more advanced, allowing us to see usually mundane things in ways we’ve never seen before. Just this week we reported on the story that scientists had managed to capture the effect of a laser traveling through the air for the first time – recorded at an unbelievable 20 billion frames per second.

Well this video was shot at a more reasonable 10,000 fps, but it’s still amazing to see something that we all take for granted in such detail.

Source: The Verge

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