Happy New Year Hardware: 3d Televisions for 2010

/ 8 years ago

What is the one thing that CES brings us every year? Ok, fine they bring us more than just one thing specifically, but this year CES is bringing us 3-D televisions for our own homes. That is right… Drive to the movie theater get your 3D glasses and popcorn and come back home with your snack and your 3D glasses…. Wait… Thank god for Orville Redenbacher and the Microwave, as well as companies that include 3D glasses with their television sets.

Sony is now showing that their Bravia lineup of televisions will now have the exclusive feature added to certain models and will include 2 pairs of 3D glasses (not the cheap paper ones either). So get ready to kick back relax enjoy your snacks and watch Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in Full HD 3D capacity.

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