Head Hunters Could Use Video Games to Recruit New Talent

/ 3 years ago

To help try to recruit potential new employees, banks could take a look at overall gaming skills to help match job candidates with the appropriate role.  This doesn’t mean Call of Duty, as the games will be focused on big data and neuroscience, providing a realistic game-based recruiting option.

The use of certain games can help companies gauge which people would be appropriate for certain job roles.

Here is what Frida Polli, CEO and co-founder of Pymetrics, a company focused on gaming research, said in a recent statement:

“It’s only an upside to students because it’s a sourcing tool.  We are going to recommend you to a bank where we see you will be a good fit.  But if you want to apply to another bank independently, they will never know that you weren’t a match.  It will always feel like a win situation for them.”

Polli went to MIT and has a PhD in neuroscience, and her program is currently in negotiations or early pilot stages with several banks – and her team has proof of concepts with several major banks in the United States.

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It’s not uncommon to hear technology and biotech companies use interesting recruitment tools to find the best and brightest talent – so it’s not surprising to hear financial institutions also want to utilize the technology.

Thank you to CNBC for providing us with this information

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