Hidden Cash ‘Social Experience For Good’ Hits London This Weekend

/ 3 years ago

The Hidden Cash “anonymous social experience for good” is going to hit London this weekend, where people have the chance to snag £100.  A total of 20 envelopes with £100 each will be hidden throughout the city.

During fun sprees in select U.S. cities, tens of thousands of dollars have been hidden, with clues to the location Tweeted from @hiddencash.

Jason Buzi, a San Francisco Bay Area millionaire real estate investor, launched the effort less than one month ago in San Francisco.  The operation also launched similar campaigns in Houston, Texas, Chicago, Illinois, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas, Nevada – and has led to handfuls of local residents scouring their neighborhoods for the hidden cash.

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A British member of Hidden Cash, reportedly located in Birmingham, will be responsible for hiding the money.  Looking ahead, it’s possible Hidden Cash will visit Paris and Madrid in the future.

There has been some criticism of the contest, as participants frantically drive, run, and pedal their way to find the money.  Furthermore, others have accused Buzi of conducting a social media competition as a means for guerrilla marketing – accusations he denies, saying he just wants to help brighten someone’s day and give back to the community.

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