HIS launch 1GB 6670 iSilence 5 graphics card

/ 6 years ago

HIS today announced the launch of the HIS 6670 iSilence 5 1 GB, the ideal graphics card for HTPC users looking for a completely silent  GPU. The card creates no noise due to the completely passive cooling solution.The HIS HD 6670 iSilence 5 also features low power consumption and does not require external power, perfect for upgrading your system without having to upgrade your PSU. The HIS 6670 iSilence 5 1 GB has an SRP of £60 (excl. VAT), so for the UK the retail price will be around £72. HIS 6670 iSilence 5 is equipped with HIS’ passive cooler made from quality copper. 6670 iSilence 5 features a 190 x 97 x 32 mm  large cooling area which is equipped with 4X 6 mm thick heatpipes for maximized cooling efficiency.

Key Features

  • DirectX 11.1 support: With full Microsoft DirectX 11.1 support, the card is ready for next generation DirectX games. The card also offers up to 2x faster tessellation and faster DirectCompute over earlier cards.!
  • 3D: Expand your game across up to 3 displays while your opponents have one monitor. Along with stereo 3D support, universal bezel compensation and brand new display configurations.
  • Perfect Sound: Featuring 7.1 channel surround sound over HDMI with no additional cables required.
  • Impeccable viewing experience: The HIS 6670 iSilence 5 supports 30″ LCD monitors and large size TVs up to 80″ featuring 16:9 ratio in 4096 by 2160.
  • With Full HD 1080p support, the card delivers high quality 1920 X 1080 graphics, enabling seamless full-screen video playback.
  • Enjoy Copy Protected Movies: The card is HDCP complaint, enabling users to play copy-protected content, such as commercial DVD movies.

Source: PR

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