HIS Radeon HD 5450 1GB Graphics Card Unboxing Video

/ 7 years ago

Today we are unboxing the HIS Radeon HD 5450 1GB Graphics Card.

Check out http://www.eteknix.com shortly for the full review on this product.

  • Mlong128ir

    Slick looking card, I like the black coloring of it over the red reference cards, although the reference cards have a much more interesting looking cooler. Too bad that Jetway mini-ITX board doesn't have PCI-e slots for this to make your own mini htpc powerhouse. Look forward to the review.

  • aruffell

    The Jetway board uses the ION chipset which supports DirectX 10 so its more than enough for a HTPC user.Andy

  • Mlong128ir

    I'd at least like to have the flexibility of running CoD4 era games at a decent framerate/quality/resolution if I so choose for an HTPC. The ION can hardly handle CoD4 at lowest settings at 1024X768 at anything over 15FPS. Hardly more than enough for an HTPC user who also appreciates a little casual gaming here and there.