How Much Ram Does Your PC Have? Why Not Get The New 128GB DDR4 Kit?

/ 2 years ago


RAM. One of the many pieces that people compare when buying new PC’s or laptops. With SSD’s, USB 3.1 and the latest generation of processors looking to speed up everything from your facebook browsing machine to your ultra-high gaming rig, it’s always nice to have a little more memory, be it your new hard drive or your latest RAM upgrade. So why not look at Corsairs new 128GB DDR4 Kit? Well the price may put a lot off of them.

DDR4 was introduced to the public last year, promising higher speed and memory while using less power, basically it was going to improve on everything that DDR3 was starting to slow in terms of progress. With the starter model in the Dominator line allowing you to own 128GB of RAM (8 sticks of 16GB RAM running at 2400MHZ) for the little price of £989.99 while the higher up model will set you back a whopping £1059.99. With other companies like Kingston also announcing their version, offering up to DDR4/3000 in terms of speed, but with no sign of a price tag yet.

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With each kit costing the same as a high-end graphics card or even an entire PC, how many people think they will be upgrading their home machines with a little extra RAM in the near future? How much RAM does your machine have and is it enough for what you do?

Thanks to PCWorld and Corsair for the information.

Image courtesy of Corsair.

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  • James Brand

    I actually know somebody who is running this kit with 2 Strix GTX 980’s and a 5960X On a Asus Maximus VII Rampage needless to say the price made my eyes water

    • DABhand

      What OS is he running.

      The Maximus series is Rangers and not Rampage, but that is easily done 🙂

      Guess he only has the 2 sticks.

      • James Brand

        It is the Rampage V Extreme and yes she is running Windows 7 Ultimate ( not a fan of Windows 8) it runs the 128GB kit with the latest BIOS update

        • DABhand

          Guessing She (thought it was a he at first) is running high end apps like Media stuff, Ray tracing etc. Which would make me wonder why the hell she has 2 980s instead of a decent Quadro.

          Oh well 😛 Hope she didn’t buy it all for gaming, because it would have been a waste of cash 😛

          • James Brand

            She uses it for a mix of both gaming@4K and video/photo editing and other creative tasks as part of her job

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