How NOT To Use a Selfie Stick

/ 3 years ago


Selfie sticks have been a popular choice for people who like to take a lot of selfies outdoors, having to get the best shot further away from the hand’s reach. However, some people don’t quite get it that they are also a bit dangerous if mishandled.

This is the case of a woman from outside Buckingham Palace, who decided to answer her phone while still having the selfie stick attached to it. One bystander was so fascinated by her act that decided to post the photo to see what people’s reactions are to this situation. Reddit users followed with their thoughts shortly.

“She could have someone else hold it up to her ear and make it hands free,” one Reddit user wrote.

“She was calling friend who she’s about to facetime with, telling them to take a screenshot for her selfie collection,” another said.

How about you? Are you using selfie sticks? Would you answer your phone like this woman did?

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One Response to “How NOT To Use a Selfie Stick”
  1. Mike Laste says:

    The act of taking ones photo constantly enough to need an extra stick to do it seems to be a huge show of character. Even if the impression left is incorrect, you still LOOK like an asshole.

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