HTC One Gold Unibody Priced at $4,420

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For those who are willing to spend thousands of dollars on black-marketed iPhone 5S “Champagne” trim, and mistakenly referring to it as “the gold iPhone,” you might as well step the tempo by a few notches and cash out £2,750 (US $4,420) on a HTC One that’s unmistakably gold. To clarify a few things, the HTC One Gold Unibody is not related to the gold – “colored” HTC One, which could see a wider launch later this year.

HTC UK announced five genuine gold unibody HTC One smartphones for all of the country, priced at that scorching price. Gold dons pretty much all parts aluminium does on the original, including its panels, and main frame. We’re talking about solid sheets of 18-karat gold here, not electroplated aluminium. The black mast line coupled with the piano black front bezel contrasts gold in way Sam Sparro would more than approve of.

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The device was made in a partnership with Goldgenie, who has actually been selling gold, platinum, and rose gold HTC One units for a few months now. Sure, they are overpriced and only millionaire enthusiasts should think about buying one, but they are always available if you have the resources.

To be noted however, there will be only 5 HTC One Gold Unibody devices worldwide, so if you truly are thinking of buying one, you best start scraping your bank accounts early.

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One Response to “HTC One Gold Unibody Priced at $4,420”
  1. Skidmarks says:

    I wonder if they’ll produce an old Nokia 5110 in 18 carat gold for a little less… 😛

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