Hulu Bags the Rights Stream Every Episode of South Park

/ 3 years ago


Hulu scored themselves a great deal earlier this week, securing rights to stream all 17 seasons of South Park via their Hulu Plus service, with new episodes being made available to subscribers just one day after they’ve been broadcast on TV.

This is a pretty big deal for the service, especially in light of Amazon and Netflix, who have been racking up the major exclusive deals constantly for quite a while now and personally, I haven’t even looked at Hulu for a long while, but this new deal will no doubt get the attention of many South Park fans who feel the need to plow through the 240+ episodes of the iconic animated series.

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The deal didn’t come cheap, clocking a whopping $80 million on the Hulu cheque book, the massive profits of which will help Trey Parker and Matt Stone keep the show alive way beyond its 20th season.

This is also the first time the entire collection has been made available to stream, with Hulu, Netflix and previously offering a mixture of seasons and episodes each. The added bonus being that viewers can watch every episode of the series for fre eup until the new season starts on September 24th.

Thank you The Verge for providing us with this information.

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