Humble Origin Bundle Over, 2.1 Million Sold

/ 4 years ago


The Humble Origin Bundle is now over and has officially broken all Humble Bundle sales records. The Bundle in partnership with Origin managed to shift an impressive 2.1 million units raising $10.5 million for various charities chosen by Electronic Arts and Humble Bundle. The Humble Bundle was unique in that it offered so much for such a small price of around $5. You could get several grade A titles and a host of smaller titles that would cost you hundreds of dollars to buy individually.

In the 14 day period there were 2.1 million bundles sold meaning about 150,000 per day, 6250 per hour, 105 per minute or 1.74 per second. EA declined to take any money from the deal that caused EA’s Origin servers to get overloaded on a few occasions. As a result all the money goes to charity or Humble Bundle depending on how buyers wanted to split their contribution.

Image courtesy of Humble Bundle

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One Response to “Humble Origin Bundle Over, 2.1 Million Sold”
  1. Derek Johnstone Macrae says:

    it may go some way to reduce the terrible rep that EA has, raising $10 million for charity is a good thing, and they and humble should be applauded for doing so.

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