iFlix Allows You to Instantly Watch and Listen to Torrents on Android

/ 3 years ago


A new app for Android makes viewing torrents easier than ever before. iFlix takes over after clicking on a magnet link, playing video and music in a clean interface. There’s no need to wait for a torrent to complete and skipping can be achieved in just a few moments.

While this in itself isn’t anything new, there aren’t any complicated settings to make in order to get it to work. It also has both interesting roots and future plans. The base for the idea came from another app by the same developer, one that allows parents to keep an eye on their kids while attending kindergarten.

Having bandwidth issues forced the developers to take a look at distributed systems similar to torrents which then lead to this new app. But it doesn’t stop here:

“iFlix is a product that’s’s based on a platform that I am trying to create. This platform is intended to be a P2P compute grid based on the Bitcoin protocol where instead of computing hashes to mine coins you compute different tasks, e.g ‘fetch the first two chunks from the magnet:x’ which iFlix does at this moment,” the developer Vali explains. “At this moment the engine behind the platform is based on the Google SPDY protocol and the purpose of iFlix is to measure the scalability of the engine.”

Thanks to TorrentFreak for providing us with this information

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