iGame Reveal Worlds First 100-Series Skylake Motherboard

/ 2 years ago


Intel’s new Skylake CPU series is almost here and with the launch just a few months away now, it’s about time one of the big motherboard manufacturers revealed their next-generation motherboards. The Skylake compatible motherboards will welcome the new Intel 100 Series chipset, bringing a host of new features along with the new processors, such as the capability of supporting either DDR3 or DDR4 memory; something that will no doubt please most consumers, given the current price of DDR4 modules.


The Colorful iGame Skylake 100-Series motherboards come in three editions and don’t look too dissimilar from the ROG TUF series of motherboards from Asus.


The new boards come will all the high-end features you would expect, such as a 14-phase power circuit, GamerVoice, Nichicon Audio Capacitors, Killer E2201 + Intel I211-AT dual NIC, CrossFire / SLI three-way (8x + 4x + 4x), PCI-E M.2 slots, six SATA 6GBPS, two SATA Express, USB 3.1, USB 3.0, DDR3L / DDR4 memory compatibility and more.

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The new motherboards certainly look great and they’ve got all the usual high-end features and overclocking support one would expect from a high-end gaming motherboards. With this motherboard now out in the wild, let’s hope other manufacturers step up and reveal their latest products. All eyes will be on Computex 2015 to see the next-generation Skylake hardware, excited?

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  • Karl Swift

    Why does the first picture have a women with shorts holding a motherboard? Pc hardware becomes more and more unrealistic every day, no female would touch my motherboard 🙁

    • puma99dk|

      that’s for show, nuth more or less Karl :p

    • Bart.

      Eye candy!

    • Ryan Airth

      Probably the same reason why car events have women in shorts or tight clothing etc, for show.

    • Koyomi K

      she’s got a tight grip on that chipset heatsink no?

    • Mough Dyver

      With a figure like that,she can touch my Mother AND my board.Among other things as well !

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