Impossible Creatures Re-Released On Steam

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In recent years, both new games and old have been appearing online in re-releases and remastering. With the shutdown of services like GameSpy many have transferred their systems to use newer services, such as those provided by Steam. These games include classics like Age of Empires 2 and Age of Mythology, but more recently another classic has appeared on Steam, Impossible Creatures.

In Impossible creatures, the player use typical real-time strategy (RTS) to build units to conquer land, sea and air, while building up resources, research and defences. One twist, in Impossible Creatures, as the name suggests is that your army will not only consist of people but also an array of creatures that combine the DNA of 50 of Earth’s majestic wildlife. Pictured below is just one of the creatures, the speed of a cheetah and the claws of a scorpion creates a nasty pack of creatures that can quickly sprint and squeeze your enemies defences.


By combining DNA of creatures for their heads, bodies, legs, tails and even wings you can create small armies or giant behemoths.

With modding support and multiplayer re-implemented for a smooth online experience you could soon be playing with your friends to conquer the world with an army of tiger sharks (literally tigers with a sharks head) or even a flying whale (we’ve seen it, it is awesome). With steam friends and cloud support you can bring in your friends for the battle and with the remastered systems enjoy the classic all over again, or for the first time.

If you like the sound of a monster army, check out the game here.

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