Inno3D Announce GTX 760 iChill HerculeZ 3000

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Inno3D’s iChill HerculeZ 3000 series of graphics cards is something of a Dark Horse when it comes to the graphics card market. They actually offer up some of the best overclockability and performance of any custom cards yet fail to generate a lot of attention because they don’t have the prestige of brands like ASUS and EVGA. This iChill HerculeZ 3000 graphics card uses a Nvidia GTX 760 GPU powered by a 7 phase VRM with an 8 layer PCB. The cooling solution is a triple fan design with what appears to be two 70mm fans and one 80mm fan. It uses five heat pipes and a dense aluminium heatsink all encased in a die-cast metal shroud.

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On the back there is a backplate for additional cooling. Clock speeds are raised to 1060/1124/6200MHz (core/turbo/memory) from Nvidia reference of 980/1033/6000MHz. The fans are removable along with the shroud allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance of the graphics card. Global availability wasn’t disclosed by Inno3D but this card will cost 1799RMB ~ $294 USD in China. Given the fact we’ve seen European availability of the iChill HerculeZ 3000 series before expect to see it hit the European and North American markets soon.

Images and information courtesy of Expreview

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2 Responses to “Inno3D Announce GTX 760 iChill HerculeZ 3000”
  1. Vismal says:

    You have to review it! Get one and review it! Please!

  2. Wayne says:

    It looks very nice. Inno3D seems to be another brand we don’t see here too often nowadays after being a very common sight. I still have an old Inno3D GTX 580 in one of my rigs still soldiering on faithfully.

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