Insider Threats Major Concern For Companies, Infosecurity Europe Survey Finds

/ 3 years ago

Insider threats and advanced persistent threats (APTs) were listed as the top threats facing companies, despite increasing cyberattacks from outside criminals, according to a survey taken during Infosecurity Europe.

Companies are being more open about malware attacks, which have been rising – 42 percent of respondents said they have been affected, a drastic over the 18 percent that reported similar incidents last year.  Also worth noting, only 14 percent said they were unaware if hit, which is a significant drop off from the 37 percent in 2013.

Companies are now more cognizant of sophisticated malware and other security threats they must deal with, although still struggle to keep networks, employees, and customers secure.

Here is what TK Keanini, Lancope CTO, said in a statement to Infosecurity:

“The reason being, the attacker here is not triggering security events.  Either through their credentials or ones they have stolen they move around the work without triggering traditional security devices.  Where traditional security devices detect incident from a blacklist, anomaly detection is the perfect complement where a whitelist of good behaviour is known and established and what is not good sticks out like a sore thumb.”

The increasing volume of ransomware, which typically relies on a user to mistakenly click a fraudulent link, indicates there are still many problems to address.  However, decision makers struggle to inform employees how to conduct day-to-day business while minimizing risk of infection.

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