Instant Wound-Sealing Glue Will Make Band-Aids Obsolete

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Two new products are about to change the way we deal with wounds as much as the band-aid did in 1920 when it was invented by Earle Dickson. The first product is the MAR Glue created by the fittingly named company, Medical Adhesive Revolution. The MAR Glue is intended to seal cut wounds, both internal and external and it will be available to civilian doctors and surgeons.

Most surgical glues on the market work by accelerating clotting where the MAR glue will fuse tissue together instead and the body heals itself without any clots in the way. It will dry in just 30 seconds, it is very flexible, it can be stored at any temperature, and it’s even biodegradable. Whether it is inside or outside the body, it will simply be absorbed. It can be programmed for a 30-day or a 90-day cycle depending on the type of wound.

“Ideally there will be two types of glue, one that will close topical sutures, and one that can be applied directly to organs. The No. 1 application for MAR glue is during cardiovascular surgery. When you cut an artery, bleeding occurs big time, and if you’re able to glue the wound and stop the bleeding, it’s a huge benefit.”

The glue is still waiting for an FDA approval, but it already left well-experienced surgeons speechless when they witnessed a severe organ bleeding stop in just a few seconds.

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RevMedx is also ready with their take on future wound healing with their X Stat, a device that instantly plugs bullet wounds. It looks more like a tampon than a surgical tool, and some of the inspiration for it also came from it. These type of wounds are typically treated with externally applied pressure and gauze. X Stat instead fills the wound with small specially engineered sponges that apply the pressure internally in the wound by expanding up to 15 times. It is one of those inventions that makes one wonder why it hasn’t been invented a long time ago. So far it’s only available for the military, but the company behind it has hopes for civil use as well.

Thanks to New York Mag for providing us with this information.

Images courtesy of Medical Adhesive Revolution and RevMedx


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  1. Terry Barber says:

    Oh boy, an alternative to Crazy Glue. 🙂

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