Intel Reveal Arc A750 Gaming Benchmarks (Roughly on Par With the Nvidia 3060)

Despite all the hype Intel is continually building for their Arc desktop graphics cards, it continues to remain more than a little unclear as to exactly when they plan to release them. Some guesstimates suggest that it might happen by the end of this month, other comments indicate we should be looking more towards November. – At this point though, for as much PR as they’re currently undertaking, I frankly wish that Intel would just poop or get off the pot!

On a more positive note, however, following the publication of a new video, Intel has officially released a pretty substantial amount of gaming benchmarks from their upcoming Arc A750, and, overall, it seems that the upcoming GPU will be looking to trade blows with the Nvidia 3060.

Intel Arc A750 Gaming Benchmarks

Now, as often is the case with such benchmarks, Intel will clearly have done all they can to skew them in favour of their Arc A750 graphics card. Putting this to one side, however, they do at least seem to confirm one thing for certain. Namely, they’re looking at the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 as its chief performance competition.

With this in mind, therefore, how does the Intel A750 compare? Well, the short answer is that it would appear that it will ever so slightly outperform the Nvidia 3060 which does seem to confirm that this mid-tier model from the upcoming Arc series will primarily be targeting current-gen upper-entry-level tier models.

Now, as noted above, Intel will, of course, have done everything they can to ensure their GPU, more often than not, came out on top. Taking this into account, therefore, I think the overall safest conclusion would be to say that the Arc A750 is probably about on par with the Nvidia 3060.

Perhaps surprisingly though, Intel certainly seems to be pushing the A750 as a potential candidate for gamers who enjoy 1440p resolutions. Within the benchmarks provided, the frame rates are at least respectable, and in some instances, much higher than many might have anticipated.

Let’s be honest though, the biggest elephant in the room here has still not been addressed as to whether the Arc A750 will represent an attractive proposition for consumers. Namely, Intel has still yet to cite how much it will cost!

Given that the Nvidia 3060 is currently selling for around £350, with it expected to likely drop to closer to £300 in the coming 4-8 weeks, the Arc A750 simply has to come to market at a competitive, tempting, and dare I say aggressive price! Anymore than £300, and it’s going to be hard to make the case for choosing Blue over Green.

When Will We Know More?

Intel is still very much building up steam for the Arc desktop GPU hype train. The only problem is that even they still don’t seem to know for sure when they should be finally arriving on Western shores. – With Nvidia 4000 and AMD Radeon 7000 looming in the next 1-3 months though, Intel really need to move sooner rather than later!

On the plus side though, if the Arc A750 is roughly trading blows with the Nvidia 3060, this does clearly raise some pleasant questions as to where the Arc A770 will sit. – If it can compare to the Nvidia 3070, but clearly offers significantly more VRAM (circa 12GB has been suggested), then at the right price, this could potentially prove to be the biggest hit of the Arc series. And one that may potentially continue to sell ever after next-gen Nvidia and AMD models arrive.

What do you think though? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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